Healthy Habits: 28-Day Challenge Registration

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CHALLENGE DATES: September 13th-October 10th


Early Bird Deadline: August 31st

Final Registration Deadline: September 8th


Feel like you’re in a rut?

Struggling with motivation to workout?

Are your eating habits out of control?


It’s time to flip the switch!


Join us on September 13th, 2021 for the Healthy Habits 28-Day Challenge to reset, recharge, and refuel!


For the duration of the challenge, we will be focusing on the following habits:


  • Sleep Routine and Sleep Goals:
    • 8+ hours of sleep
    • Going to bed and waking up at the same times
  • Walking and Workout goals:
    • 7-10K steps daily
    • Completing daily workouts 
  • Healthy Meals:
    • Helping you create a wholesome and diverse plate with appropriate protein, carbs, and fat portion size recommendations
    • No alcohol or fast food for the duration of the challenge 
  • Daily Intentions Goal:
    • We’ll have you personalize a goal to hit each day of the challenge (Ex. meditating for 5 minutes daily, reading 10 pages a day, etc.)


What’s Included:


  • Personal tracking sheet
  • Accountability and support via private Facebook group 
  • Daily workouts 
  • Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners


As coaches, we understand the importance of finding balance in your diet and lifestyle. We understand that completely eliminating foods from our diet is NOT sustainable long-term. But in order to achieve balance, we need to do some work first!


We have 28 days to get started on creating a proactive and healthy routine…

28 days is 40320 minutes…

That’s a lot of time we get to work together in creating healthy habits and getting a hold of our nutrition and lifestyle goals for summer 2021! We know that times have been tough for everyone, and we’re here to help lift you up, support your health and nutrition goals, and keep you accountable to making positive changes in your life!


As coaches, we have witnessed that implementing these simple dietary and lifestyle changes into your daily routine can create some pretty AMAZING results! So let us guide you over the next 28 days in creating healthy habits that will have you filling your cup and feeling GOOD!





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