Personal Training $60-$75/session (pricing varies on number of sessions)

Location: CrossFit Connection, Burlington (or specified by individual)

Whether you are an athlete with sports specific goals or someone who is looking to improve general fitness, I will customize a training program suitable to your needs and provide you with one-on-one coaching.

8-Week Personal Training Program – $100

If you are independent, are an athlete, or have experience in a gym setting but don’t require any coaching, this program is for you. Cost includes an initial assessment to discuss your goals and needs, and anything else that is training or nutrition related.

Group Training Program – $80-100

Want to train with a group of friends? This session is focused on one-on-one coaching, while benefitting from the social aspect and friendly competition of a group setting. 

Team Training – $125-$150/session (pricing varies on location and number of athletes)

Location: Crossfit Connection, Burlington (or specified by team)

This session is geared towards sports teams of all levels that are looking for training during their in-season or off-season. We will be focusing on proper movement mechanics, strength training, and conditioning. The physical demands and skill work of each session will depend on age, level, sport, and time of season.